Glory Of Mithas

Welcome to Mithas! Let us help you celebrate life’s special moments with the gift of Mithai.

Derived from the word “sweet,” Mithai are classic Indian desserts coming in a variety of exotic tastes, aromas, shapes and colors. They are known throughout the world for their rich flavors and sumptuous appeal.

For generations, Mithai have been gifted as symbols of love, appreciation, joy and prosperity. They remain an indispensable part of Indian culture today, shared with friends and loved ones on nearly every holiday, auspicious event, or other day of special celebration.

Today Mithas has two modish stores across Pune and providing umpteen quality of sweets, namkeen and an array of snacks. Over the years our variety has changed but our love for our sweet-art remains intact!

We Have Richest, Choicest & Tastiest Of Sweets

Speciality : Dryfruit Sweets & Bengali sweets naming some of them like Badam Katli, Pista Roll, Sugarfree etc. Bengali Sweets like Rasmalai Rajbhog, Gudd Sandesh.

Namkeen : Palak Chiwda, Methi Puri, a low cholestrol Diet Chiwda & others.

New Discovery :

  A New line is introduced in our shop i. e. Bakery where you can buy Biscuits, Khari & Toast.

  We have also started Rasgulla & Gulabjamun, Rajbhog, Chamcham packed in tins.

  - We have also developed our ethnic packaging for gifting.

Our Secret Ingredient

Apart from sugar and ghee, we add ample amount of Love, Fervor and Purity to each recipe which adds more sweetness and zest to every auspicious occasion making your family bonds sweeter and spreading the sweetness of love.

Our Product

We’ve taken no shortcuts and have worked tirelessly to provide you access to the world’s finest sweets. All of our mithai are hand-made with wholesome fresh ingredients and the expert hand of the finest chefs.

Explore our website and see why we’re so excited about bringing you the freshest, highest quality and most delicious tasting mithai found anywhere in the world.